• Unlimited current account card and group definition
  • Concubine stocked-out of stock sales
  • Ability to make payments and collections from the concubine safe
  • Current debit and credit transactions
  • Collection and payment receipt
  • Receiving current account statement, collective current report and current account report


  • Unlimited card definition
  • Automatic barcode identification for non-barcode products
  • Automatic barcode identification for weight products
  • Define inventory group and unit
  • Barcode label printing (single or batch)
  • Inter-warehouse transfer


  • Account statement of current cards, collective current report etc.
  • Stock, warehouse movements, stock lists report, etc.
  • Sales, profit-loss analysis, sales chart, check-note and end-of-day report
  • Collective stock report and stock movements, current account report
  • Receiving warehouse movements report


  • Issuing Purchase, Sales and Return Invoices
  • They are standard and weighted products.
  • Convert waybill to invoice
  • Sending detailed purchase, sales and return invoice reporting
  • Ease of sending invoices conveniently
  • Invoice receipt printing


  • Automatic installment
  • Alerting the due installments on the main screen
  • Making collection and payment transactions easily
  • Getting detailed installment report/li>


  • Unlimited bank account definition
  • Ability to enter bank transactions
  • Ability to transfer from bank to bank or bank to cashier
  • Detailed reporting of bank movements


  • Unlimited check-note identification
  • Change the payment/collection status of checks
  • Detailed reporting between two dates


  • Making payments and collections from the cash register
  • See the remaining balance in the safe
  • Ability to transfer from cash to bank
  • Detailed reporting between two dates


  • Access from multiple computers
  • Authorize each user by adding, editing, deleting and reporting operations
  • Ability to define company information
  • Branch identification
  • Being able to start independently of the place wherever there is internet

Customer Happiness


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Yeah. You can use the program from anywhere with an internet connection.

Yeah. You can log in to the program at the same time as the number of users you have purchased.

Yeah. All users can collaborate on the program. All entered information is displayed simultaneously in the program.

The program works completely online through a central server, based on the internet. The information you enter into the program is saved on the central server, not on your local computer.

No. There will be no harm to your information in the program. Program data is kept on the central server, not on your computer. Therefore, problems on your computer do not affect your data.

Yeah. For example, you can upgrade the program you bought with 3 users to 5 users later.